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Share your ideas with tsop-it!

Creative Collaboration for personal and professional use.


Collect your ideas with tsop-it. You can log in from everywhere and you will be able to access or modify your work online. Even when you are not at your usual desk.


You have a lot of things in mind and you want to visualize them? Try tsop-it and give your ideas colors, forms and shape like you would do on a sketchboard.


Too many ideas to keep an overview on just one page? No problem at all, create your own Boards, dedicate them to a topic and put your ideas into the right category that way.


When you are ready to show your work to the world you will be able to do so easily, simply by inviting others to your session. Let them view what you did and let them participate - if you want them to.

How notecards work

tsop-it works with small notecards. You place those notecards on clipboard. Like in real life, every notecard can be easily moved to another position or onto another board.

Transform them

Every notecard can be transformed into 6 different shapes, this lets you easily create form-based groups or just express what the content is about.

Color them

We have many colors for our notecards. Give your notecards any color you want,in order to highlight the important ones, or simply be creative.

Highlight them

If you are attending a collaborative session and the participants need a little hint to help them find the notecard you are currently discussing just make it flash.

Hold meetings with tsop-it!

Collaborate in real-time with your colleagues and friends.


You want to visualize what you are talking about in a meeting or an online conference? tsop-it was developed to help you with this! You can create a session dedicated to your current meeting, invite others to join, and all participants will be able to see what you want them to see.


tsop-it creates a collaborative workplace for you and your colleagues. Every participant has his own private clipboard to make notes or collect his ideas during the session. He or she then just moves his contents to a public clipboard when he wishes to share and display them.


The meeting has been concluded, everyone has left, and suddenly something important comes to your mind. Just log in and add a note. Everyone who subscribed to this session will be automatically informed that you created something new. And vice versa - you can subscribe to sessions to keep yourself up to date, too.

How meetings work

A tsop-it session is a virtual location for you and your colleagues to meet. You can create a session for each topic you wish to deal with. A single session can hold different clipboards with different privacy settings, so that all the action takes place here.

Send invitations to your colleagues

Once you have created you own session you can easily invite others by email. They will receive a direct link and be able to log in to your session immediately in order to begin a collaboration.

See who made changes

When you have successfully hosted your meeting or training on tsop-it and want to keep up to date with the ongoing changes that have taken place during your absence just let tsop-it send you an email once in a while to inform you what has happened.

Be the session owner

Of course, as the session owner you can always control the access rights and editing rights of the other participants you invited. If necessary, you can disinvite someone or you can prevent any user in your session from making changes to cards he or she did not create.

Bring your trainings online with tsop-it!

Do what you always did on paper - but now do it online.

Be the trainer

tsop-it was built to be the perfect fit for any trainer who wishes to perform trainings online. You can manage the participants list by inviting them to your session via email. After that you will be able to see whether they have logged in at anytime to date, and whether they are online at the moment.

Instruct and guide

As a trainer you will not only need features to get everyone into your session, you will also need some features to help you guide your participants through the training. You can control when others are allowed to make changes and when they are not. Through use of our highlighting-feature you can bring specific notes to everyones attention or you can collect participants opinions by using the integrated voting feature.

How to become the trainer

All you need to do to become the trainer is to create a new session. The session creator will automatically have more rights than anyone who has gained access by invitation.

Start votings

tsop-it has a great voting feature which let's you and your participants add multiple points to every notecard. Collect opinions, make decisions or just prioritize.

Use private clipboards

Not everything needs to be public. We developed a feature that lets the participants create content on hidden private clipboards. If the time has come just drag this hidden content to a public board and let the group see what you prepared.

Get tsop-it for your company!

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